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Protect and Save Money with Quality Glass Tinting!

Glass tinting improves the appearance of a vehicle or storefront, but it also has practical benefits. Dimmer Days will save you money immediately because of our affordable prices. You will then save money in the long run because tinted windows protect the interior of your car or office from the sun’s harmful rays. It also will take less energy to cool your vehicle or room, which saves more money on energy costs.

Why Tinting Your Vehicle's Windows is Beneficial

Improving the overall appearance of your vehicle is just one good reason to tint your windows. Tinting can be beneficial in many ways:

  • Heat reduction: Tinted glass helps block thermal rays from the sun that heat up your car's interior, making it more comfortable and easier to cool on hot summer days.
  • Interior Protection: Tinting can provide protection from direct sunlight, preventing the interior from cracking or fading.
  • Protect Your Skin: Window tint can reduce harmful UV rays that cause skin damage.
  • Security: Vehicles are broken into when thieves see something they want. They are less likely to break into a vehicle when they do not know what is inside.
  • Reduce Glare: Adding tint to the top of your windshield can reduce glare without obstructing your view, like visors can.
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Window Tinting for Your Home or Business

Homes and commercial buildings can benefit from tinted windows, too. Tinted glass looks great from the outside, but it also has cost-saving benefits inside, too. The sun can quickly and easily heat up a room or an entire building with lots of windows. It takes more energy – and thus more money – to keep a room like that cool in the heat of a South Carolina summer. Save on your electric bill with a quick call to Dimmer Days Window Tinting, the local experts in residential and commercial glass tinting.

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